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Don’t Mess With Nature

Genetically Modified?

I eavesdropped on a coffee shop philosopher today. He was sermonizing on the merits of organic vs. non-organic food, so I perked up my big ears, and this is what I heard:

People say “oh there’s not enough evidence, or proof (about the merits of organic food) or whatever. Blah, blah, blah.” I don’t care!  When you attack nature, it’s going to REBOUND, and ATTACK back with a VENGEANCE. What’s good? The natural sweeteners. Assuming the bees are not modified.This is why the children are acting up. It starts with the husband and mother, the genes are all modified.

Couple of quick notes:

  • You can genetically modify bees? SWEET!
  • The emphasis on “rebound” and “attack” and “vengeance” are NOT ADDED. The philosopher was waving his latte around and raising his voice as he pronounced those particular words. Almost like a modern-day prophet.
  • I know we have a long history of personifying “nature” (mother nature, etc.), but today was the first time I’d ever heard nature described as a cross between an aggressive basketball player (REBOUND! ATTACK!) and a righteous avenger of crimes against the planet.

Think twice before you mess with nature.

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