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Why I Stopped Drinking Milk

A Simple, Sad, and Common Sense Explanation

Some of you might judge me, but when a man is backed into a corner, he must take desperate measures.

For the last several months, Allison has been insisting that I purchase organic milk. It started with a request, and quickly evolved into a full-fledged demand. I found a few articles like this one that questioned the necessity of consuming organic milk, but my intellectual efforts were for naught when she decided to play some hardball:

“If you don’t want to do it for yourself, fine. But do you really want to risk the possibility of your children consuming harmful hormones?”

My love for my children outweighs my cheap ways, so I began purchasing milk for my children that costs twice as much as the hormone-laced variety.  But I’m done with it. Milk is a mediocre beverage to begin with: it doesn’t taste that great unless it’s loaded down with sugar and chocolate, and even without that junk, it’s not exactly a superfood. And I’m supposed to pay 3 bucks a carton for that non-privilege? Forget it.  I can get almond or coconut milk for cheaper. Plus Jillian Michaels drinks coconut milk.

In review, Richie’s top 4 reasons to stop drinking milk:

  1. It’s a mediocre beverage (there’s nothing particularly cool about it).
  2. It’s NOT an essential part of a healthy diet.
  3. It’s easily replaced by tasty alternatives (almond and coconut).
  4. It’s twice the cost of hormone-laced milk. I’ll pay exorbitant fees for a product with dubious health benefits for my kids, but because of reasons 1, 2, and 3, I don’t see why I need to drink it at all.

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