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Nutbutter Smackdown: Peanut Butter vs. Sunflower Seed Butter

Another Cheapo Food Boycott Begins Now

You’ve already read about how I’ve blacklisted the mediocre beverage. It looks like I’m adding another item to my list of foods that fail to make the cut: Organic milk, say hello to your new pal Sunbutter.

Yesterday Allison informed me that she would no longer be purchasing peanut butter, because Sunbutter (sunflower seed butter) has a superior nutritional profile. I’m not going to argue the point. It has less sugar, less fat, and a few obscure vitamins that peanut butter has the misfortune of lacking. Ok, well scratch that. I just checked the labels, and it turns out their is virtually no difference in nutritional content:

Check out the side-by-side of a run-of-the-mill Ralphs’ brand natural crunchy peanut butter (PB)  and Sunbutter (SB):

  • Label Readability: PB=Awesome. Easy to read, decent size font. SB=Disastrous. Magnifying glass recommended for the main ingredients, everything else dang near unreadable. This is the print version of those mile-a-minute radio disclaimers. *edge peanut butter*
  • Calories: PB=190/SB=200 *edge peanut butter*
  • Total Fat: PB 16g/SB 16g
  • Saturated Fat: PB 2g/SB2g
  • Trans Fats: PB zero/SB zero
  • Polyunsaturated fat: PB 4g/SB 6g *edge Sunbutter*
  • Monounsaturated fat: PB 8g/SB8g
  • Sodium: PB 120mg/SB 120mg
  • Total Carbs: PB 6g/SB 7g *edge peanut butter*
  • Fiber: PB 2g/SB 4g *edge Sunbutter*
  • Sugars: PB 2g/SB 3g
  • Vitamins and Minerals for Peanut Butter: Calcium 2%/Iron 2%
  • Vitamins and Minerals for Sunbutter: Calcium 2%/Vitamin E 27%/Magnesium 25%/Copper 25%/Iron 8%/Niacin 12%/Phosphorus 8%/Potassium 5%/Zinc 10%. *edge Sunbutter*

Aside from the vitamins and minerals, these are some near-identical nut cases. Name-brand Sunbutter actually has MORE sugar and calories, and of course all the flashy vitamins and minerals. But a few specks of zinc don’t  merit the extra 2 bucks that the new nut nectar is going to cost. When it comes down to it, these nuts are neck and neck  nutrition-wise.

So my dear tells me, “Sweetie, if I buy 6 cans I cans it’ll only cost us a dollar more a can. That’s like buying expensive peanut butter when it’s not on sale.”

Well that’s true. Except that we never buy expensive peanut butter, even when it is on sale. Nevertheless, it will be good for my family, and it will offer peace of mind in that we won’t have to worry about rogue peanut juices lingering around the house waiting to attack my allergic son Peanut Child. It’s best for the family, so how can I argue with a few extra bucks, even if we do go through nut butter like a pregnant chick with a pack of pistachios.

Time to boycott the Sunbutter, baby. You can make me buy it, but you can’t force me to eat it. Meanwhile, I’ll hoard cans of peanut contraband in my snack drawer at work, and when I’m home, I’ll dutifully spread the Sunbutter on sandwiches and snack crackers just like a father should. But you won’t catch me consuming this overpriced concoction. Sorry if I don’t sound sunny, but Sunbutter is out of the question.


What's your take on it?

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