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How to Choose Shoes for Kids (and everyone else?)

The explosion of barefoot running (along with the awesomeness of my rock-hopping, stream-plunging, deadlift-exploding Vibram five-finger barefoot shoes) and the subsequent debate among podiatrists and running enthusiasts has sparked my own curiosity about proper running form and shoe selection.

Many barefoot proponents argue that modern running shoes have created a disastrous dependence on shoe technology, which masks and even accentuates poor running form. Switching quickly to barefoot shoes is starting to look like a bad idea too, since metatarsal stress fractures are all the rage among those wearing minimalist shoes (Google “Vibram” and “stress fracture” for a quick sample).  Hey, I might even have one myself!

So if you could start all over as a little kid, how would you do it? Check out this quick post/video on how to choose shoes for kids. It comes from the blog Mobility Workout of the Day, which is fast becoming one of my favorites for increasing range of motion and performance for athletes, weekend warriors, or people who want to be more functional at life in general.

A Doctor of Physical Therapy, blog author Kelly Starrett  argues that modern footwear elevates the heel unnaturally, shortening our heel cords, and ultimately hobbling kids from the foot on up to the lower back.

Check it out and see what you think.


What's your take on it?

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