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Ripped Politicians: Paul Ryan and the Exaggerated Marathon

Some call them man-crushes. Others refer to them as role models or inspirational figures. And just when I welcome Paul Ryan, the most ripped politician we’ve seen in recent history, he had to go and exaggerate about his marathon time. Yes, when asked about his personal best marathon time, Romney’s running mate overstated his personal best by about an hour–an unpardonable sin according to various pundits and the super sleuths at Runner’s World.

Ryan is a “liar,” and we can all squeeze out a smug sigh of relief because golden boy is just a dirty politician like the rest of them, and the best he can manage is a 4 hour marathon.

So why do I feel more disgusted with the people ripping Mr. P90X  than I do with Ryan and his exaggerated time? I’ll admit to being disappointed by Ryan’s overstatement, but the round of criticism he’s receiving smells a lot like jealousy, or at least like a pack of wolves sniffing for something to take the guy down.

The dude ran a marathon 20 YEARS AGO, and he’s getting called a liar for exaggerating his time. Please. That’s like calling me a liar for overestimating my batting average during my 12 year old little league season. Yeah, I hit .750 that year. I was a machine. Oh. You looked up the stats? I hit only .610? MY BAD.

Paul Ryan only gets asked that question because he’s had the discipline and fortitude to maintain a phenomenal physique in the midst of what has to be an insanely demanding schedule. He get mad props from me on that front. Add to that the fact that he even RAN A MARATHON, and he’s getting up there with Mark Wahlberg in my little black book.

The fact that the one dimensional folks at Runner’s World can’t fathom how he could misremember his time because “runner’s don’t do that” is no big deal to me. And for all the folks like Harry Reid calling him a liar and questioning his character–well, one way to spice up the Republican National Convention would be to get ’em all in the ring with Ryan for a rousing round of P90X. Then they should get a quiz on all their personal activities from 20 years ago. All incorrect responses will result in disqualification due to being dishonest.

For now, let’s just say I think Ryan sets a good example, at least when it comes to taking care of himself. Obama does the same. “W” took care of business as well. If it ever comes down to our leaders needing to throw down with some hostile dictators, I like our chances. And what if Ryan shows himself to be the lying sack they say he is? Then rip that ripped politician to shreds like he deserves.

For now, I’ll cut him some slack for screwing up the numbers on something that happened half his lifetime ago.




2 Responses to “Ripped Politicians: Paul Ryan and the Exaggerated Marathon”

  1. Dan

    You can’t compare running a marathon with being in little league. The feat itself is a crazy accomplishment that requires months of training. The amount of dedication you put into it is an impressive feat on its own. So when you finish your first (and in Ryan’s case, only) marathon, you remember your time.

    Unless you develop amnesia in the next 20 years or forget everything about simple math, you won’t drop an hour from your marathon time flippantly as “an honest mistake” as he called it. He’s proven himself a brazen liar already on the national stage, so why is it so unbelievable to think he’d lie about being a badass marathoner on a radio show?

    • Richie

      Hey thanks for reading! First of all, I took little league pretty dang seriously, even if little league sounds, well, insignificant. And in all seriousness, it does sound shady that Mr. Ryan is over an hour off on his “estimates.” I’m not saying it’s unbelievable, I’m just saying, at least for me, it’s too early to drop the hammer. I’d go with “poser” before liar, since I’m not convinced of his brazen liar status, even if its the RNC speech we’re talking about. It’s politically expedient to cast someone as an outright deceiver, even if what they are doing is misrepresenting, or misinterpreting an idea or a quote. “Ryan is a liar” has way more political capital than “Ryan’s accusation holds no water.” Not a whole lot of nuance, and it gets in the way of determining the difference between a politician who manipulates information to further an agenda (probably all of them) and those little devils who flat out lie.

      And here I am talking about politics when all I really want to do is eat some free range chicken, make my own laundry soap, and do some crossfit.


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