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Food Sensitivity Training: Living With Gluten Girl, Peanut Child, and Corn Boy

About a year ago, I wrote an article for Commentarista about living with Gluten Girl (eats no wheat) and Peanut Child (eats almost nothing, because peanuts are in everything). Not much has changed in a year, but I’m getting better at adjusting to the food needs of my family. If anything, it’s actually made me a healthier, less selfish person. Of course that doesn’t stop me from a few jokes and the occasional pun on “tolerance” or “discrimination.”  If you haven’t read the article, it’s available here.

Writing that article actually showed me how interesting, personal, important, and entertaining this idea of health and natural living can be, and when Allison suggested the idea of NaturallyMyDear, I was already hooked.

It seems like more and more  of my friends and family are running up against food allergies and other dietary restrictions–the issue is blowing up like a leaky gut. I’ve already tried and incorporated some new healthy recipes at the suggestion of some of these folks, so if anyone has ideas, suggestions, or questions, I continue to be all ears.

Here are the completely or partially banned substances in our household:

  • wheat
  • eggs
  • red meat
  • dairy (milk, yogurt, icecream)
  • peanut butter (anything remotely delicious includes traces of peanuts)
  • chocolate

Fortunately not all of us are sensitive to all of these foods, but in order for the entire family to enjoy a meal without bloating, itching, swelling, or cramping, it needs to be free from anything in the list above.  I know it’s a big deal to hate on GMO’s, but unless I get some new ideas, our family dinners are going to HAVE to be genetically modifed organisms. There are very few “whole” foods that can feed each of us simultaneously.

Until then, we continue to “celebrate our differences” with menu style meals: kids eat one thing, I eat another, Allison eats another.  Tolerance continues.

Photo: Food Allergy Fun


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