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Color Run San Diego, My First 5k!

I did it! I completed my first 5k! Just wanted to check back in with our readers and give photographic evidence :)

Richie and I drove to San Diego together with the plan that he would take pictures and possibly meet up with some friends who were also running in the race. The race was held at the Qualcomm Stadium.

First, we waited in line for about 40 minutes. Boo. (You have the option of checking in the day before and I highly recommend it if you live close enough to do that!)

While we waited Richie started to comment on how he should have signed up for the race also. I could tell that it was killing him to be at a competitive event and not participate. It seems his opinion about the run had changed since about a week prior he had been teasing a co-worker who  was interested in the Color Run that it was a “whimsical, frolic”.

As we approached the registration table the first wave was already slated to go, so the event staff was not even asking for ID anymore; instead they were hurriedly handing out race goods to anyone who would stick their hand out.  So not only did I get a t-shirt, headband and number but guess who did also…

minus the t-shirt because he had a moment of conviction for falsely entering the race. So now the plan was he would follow me to the starting line and then exit the race.

This was the wait to the starting point…

see that balloon arch in the background? That was the actual starting point. Oy! (#imnotgoingtolie5thwavestinks) Oh well, we killed time by taking photos and enjoying the music the DJ was playing.

Finally, I made my way to the starting point and the 5th wave was released to start. As I started running, one of the first runners crossed the finish line. Double Boo. I’m not exactly trying to win this race but that made the wait seem even worse. (Here is where I mentally vow, Scarlett O’Hara style, to never in my life run in the 5th wave again.)

The run itself was pretty good. There were plenty of opportunities to stop and walk if you needed a break from running. Runners were supposed to stay to one side while walkers/dancers were supposed to stick to another. Eventually though, the runners were outnumbered by the walkers/dancer/baby strollers and  had to weave in and out of  the crowd.

Some runners seemed to be  prepared for this game of tetris and even wore costumes to match.

Our friends later told us that these guys would run together and then declare loudly that it was “Time to split!” Gotta love the banana dudes.

It’s impossible to post about the Color Run without some shots of people and things covered in dyed cornstarch.

The race was sponsored by Chevy and this car was “subtly” parked on the sidelines. These girls were having  fun writing messages on the dusty windshield. Around this point in the course I also realized Richie was running along with me (on the sidelines) with a camera and backpack in tow! (#hesstubbornandsneakybutilovehim)

The charity benefited by this race was the Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County and they were handing out water near the halfway point which was nice because the race began at 1pm and it was pretty hot that day.

Even though we couldn’t meet up with our friends who ran in the first wave, Richie did spot them while he was stalking  following me and caught this gem:

I think they might secretly practice posing in totem pole formation in their spare time. (#crazykids)

At this point, people started thinking Richie was part of the race staff and began to yell, “Hey, camera man. Take our picture.” A little awkward but we’ll take this as a sign you’re giving us permission to use your photo on our blog. Thanks, random color runners!

Here’s another shot of color:

Here’s me toward the end of the race trying not to look too dorky… not sure I was successful, LOL. This may be why my siblings think I look like a turtle…

Here I am after the race:

and as we waited for the trolley to take us back to where we parked outside of the stadium:

This is the scene that awaited the regular trolley commuters as we left the stadium:

Good, clean fun!

If you’re in Southern California and want to participate in a Color Run, their will be one in L.A. and Orange County this year. For all other parts of the country check out the website.


3 Responses to “Color Run San Diego, My First 5k!”

  1. I'mAllBooked

    Congratulations – I’m sure it was a good feeling to complete this. It looks fun (for a run, that is!) I’ve never run as far as 5K in one stretch, but I could probably do it if I took walking breaks. Did I miss you telling how long it took you?


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