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Daddy Goes Down: Handstands, Hockey Sticks, and How Crossfit Moves Make You Hurt

The Crossfit pros make it look easy: Bunch of buff linebacker-looking dudes waddling up and down a field on their hands, no problem. “Why not me?” I thought, as I finished watching yet another inspirational YouTube video of Crossfit feats of strength.

But walking on hands in the middle of a drive way–a COBBLESTONE driveway–while your kids beat each other up with hockey sticks in the background? This could make it on one of those Crossfit-fail videos for sure.

This is what happens when you try to copy what they do in the movies.

A few hours ago I was out front playing with the kids, filming them while they played with hockey sticks (first mistake).  Then  came a moment of inspiration: time to put the homemade mobile phone tripod to use.

I should have taken a break from the acrobatics, but I had to go for one more handstand walk. My arms, hands, and shoulders were fatigued, and BOOM: daddy went down,  just as six year-old unleashed a blood-curdling wail. My wrist folded over on itself and I sprawled all over the driveway. (Sister smashed brother across the head because he was hogging the hockey puck).

I clutched my throbbing hand, brother clutched his dome, and sister struck up her own wail because playtime was over and she was in big trouble.

And I have no choice but to put my handstand career on hold until the finger heals.


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