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Mudfactor Mudrun VS The Color Run

Which 5K fits your fitness and recreational needs?

The Color Run:

“The Happiest 5K on the Planet” where THOUSANDS of men, women and children wearing white shirts, white headbands, and tutus meander around a stadium parking lot frolicking in fruit-colored dust.

Mudfactor Mudrun:

“Seriously Fun Hardcore Obstacle Race” where a couple of hundred men and women run, climb, slide, and slog their way through a bloody, gravelly, muddy mess of three miles–all to the earsplitting soundtrack of dub step and “No Handlebars.”  And there were a few tutus. Ballerinas must be big right now.

Still need help deciding? Read Allison’s photo essay on her first Color Run. If pixie dust just isn’t your thing, keep reading.

Mudfactor Mudrun at Glen Helen Speedway in San Bernardino

Join the herd of people in the starting corral and wait for go.





Scramble up muddy hills…

and up slippery walls.

Then the best part:





My right contact lens was ruined for about 15 minutes, and both knees and my right hip are covered in bloody scratches, but this run was cheap, exhilarating, and AWESOME! Everyone went home happy, dirty, and little bit bloody.

Clean up was optional, and absolutely FREEZING. It was rainy November, but at least they had a   shower cage courtesy of event sponsor Dr. Bronner’s soap, The cleanup ship was a glass box, complete with a captain and crew armed with soap sprayers and hot water hoses. This is about the closest we came to Color Run frolicking. We froze for 20 minutes, then came 30 seconds of heaven before freezing our butts off on the walk back for towels.

Color Dust or Dirt?

Either one can jumpstart a recreational running career, and at the end of the day, color dust and dirt are the same thing, right?  For all my smack talking on the Color Run, I was there right in the middle of it, and I had a dang good time photographing all the frolic.

The mudrun was more my style, but I am down for a little whimsical color dust dancing any time.


2 Responses to “Mudfactor Mudrun VS The Color Run”

  1. Holly

    Just saw your article. I had a blast!! Good memories! All of you guys were awesome :) thanks for all the help getting through the course :)


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