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Thrive With Shelf Reliance- A Review of Modern Preparedness Food

A friend of mine recently started a home based business as a consultant for Shelf Reliance, a company which provides preparedness supplies for the modern family.

Shelf Reliance Logo

In addition to disaster kits and water storage they also offer food packaged for long-term storage. She asked me to honestly review some  products from their line of food called, Thrive, and I jumped at the opportunity seeing as how we live in earthquake country and I sadly have no emergency supplies set aside in the case of a natural disaster.

ThriveReview-ShelfRelianceBox| NaturallyMyDear.com

So the kids and I were excited to receive a box of goodies one day when Lorraine stopped by.

Here is what we received:

  • one canister (trial size) of freeze-dried broccoli
  • one bag (trial size) of freeze-dried chicken
  • one bag (trial size) of freeze-dried red beans
  • one bag of freeze-dried mangoes (which I believe was full size).

The mangoes we opened that same hour and I have to admit were gone the very next day! We loved them. They melted in your mouth and were very sweet. Since we gobbled these up I neglected to take a photo. The red beans I used while making chili one day after realizing that I was one can short of what the recipe called for. What a lifesaver! I cooked the beans according to the directions in order to rehydrate them. It was like magic! They slowly plumped up after about 15 minutes of cooking. The only downside to the beans were that they were quite crushed up before rehydrating so they did not stay whole after cooking. That didn’t bother us since it was going in the chili and I can’t be assured that little hands weren’t playing with them in the pantry while mama wasn’t looking :) I also neglected to photograph the beans! Bad friend! Sorry Lorraine!

Another night I decided to plan a meal around the chicken. I was really curious about the chicken. What would the chicken taste like and how would the texture be? Luckily I remembered to take photos this time.

ThriveReview-Freeze Dried Chicken| NaturallyMyDear.com

Here is what the inside of the vacuum sealed packaged looked like. You of course remove the desiccant package first.

ThriveReview-ChickenRehydrating| NaturallyMyDear.com

Next you soak the chicken for a short amount of time (I believe it was about 20 minutes).

ThriveReview-LentilSoup| NaturallyMyDear.com

While the chicken was soaking I started a pot of red lentil soup and…


steamed some quinoa in our VitaClay. (If you are awful at cooking rice like me, then this is a great investment as a non-toxic rice cooker and secondary slow cooker!)

Thrive Review-Serving Suggestion| NaturallyMyDear.com

Before the soup was ready I assembled a mixed green salad with quinoa and the Thrive Freeze Dried Chicken on top.

ThriveReview-Chicken Texture|NaturallyMyDear.com

As you can see from this photo the texture was pretty normal looking and the chicken was very moist. As for the taste, it tasted like, drumroll please….

Chicken! I was pleasantly surprised. We haven’t had a chance to use the broccoli yet but I may send that along with Richie to work. He loves broccoli and often times brings frozen veggies to supplement his packed lunches at work.

I’d definitely recommend this food to anyone looking to put together an emergency preparedness supply for their family. Aside from natural disasters, Lorraine reminded me that job losses or extended sickness which can affect household incomes are also great reasons to set aside such a supply of food.

And over the holidays I also came across this post which made me think of another great reason to purchase long-term storage food. What a blessing you could be to an elderly loved one who you do not live close enough to look in on! If they can soak some chicken or boil some water you can help ensure they will be eating nutritious foods regularly while still living independently.

Another really great thing about the Thrive food line is that the packaging is BPA free and the food is non-GMO.

I know Lorraine would love to speak/correspond with you if you have any questions about how to get your emergency preparedness supply started, here is the link to her consultant’s site with Shelf Reliance.


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