We're Different– Together.

My Wife Is a Force of Nature


And she is changing me with her all-natural ways. Check out the stages of my transformation:

I eat sunflower seed butter.

A while back, I said Sunbutter was out of the question. Then she started buying it in bulk, and this hypocrite was putting in on everything, and eating it straight out of the jar every time I passed the pantry.

Now I’m actually MAKING SUNFLOWER SEED BUTTER for the family. I roast them in a pan, grind them up for 15 minutes with some coconut oil and brown sugar, and then our entire family feasts on my homemade sunflower seed butter. I like making it, I like eating it, and dang if my otherwise wholesome wife hasn’t had a downright seedy influence on me!

I’m ready to convert to organic romaine lettuce.

The other day my lunch of romaine leaves was getting a bit gritty, and I noticed the lettuce was full of dirt. If my paltry attempts to wash lettuce can’t even get rid of dirt and debris, you know the pesticides are still hanging tough.  Plus, organic romaine isn’t much more expensive that conventionally grown.

This one is not entirely due to Allison, but she has been a steady advocate of a pesticide-free kitchen, and this is one battlefront I’m not willing to hold any longer. 10 years ago I had a tough time spending money on vegetables PERIOD, let alone paying increased prices for leaves. Time and a woman are wearing me down.

I no longer microwave plastic.

At least not on a regular basis. Microwaving plastic in our house brings down a tongue lashing the likes of which haven’t been seen since I tried using an aerosol hairspray can inside the closet. I haven’t researched the pathogenic qualities of heated plastic, but Allison’s anti-plastic passion has me weaning myself from yet another wonder of modern technology.

I haven’t yet taken up goat-herding or making my own deodorant, but give her time. Who knows what she’ll have me doing (and probably enjoying) in a year’s time.

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