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Essential Oils Put to the Test

Essential oils can do it all, according to my mom and dad. A few months ago, she gave me some lavender oil that would accelerate the healing process on a couple of calluses I had just torn. The calluses healed quickly, but I was left wondering whether it was the lavender oil, or my wolverine-like healing abilities.

Last week I put lavender oil on the test. I had two small abrasions on my leg, side by side and roughly the same size–perfect for a pseudo-scientific experiment. I document the healing process below.


Go from left to right, top to bottom. Each pic image is from a different day. In all pics except the bloody one (broke open the scab by accident), the top scab is the one treated with the oil.

My results were ruined because I tore open one of the wounds half way through the week, and the lavender-treated abrasion was left unharmed. I continued to use the oil, and that scratch was fully healed within a week.

Before and After


One week of lavender oil treatment.

The lavender oil definitely didn’t hurt, and the experimental wound seemed to be healing more quickly than the control abrasion. Judge for yourself. For now, I say the lavender oil is a tentative success.


What's your take on it?

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