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The Squatty Potty: Fresh Take on an Old Favorite

This is poop, straight up. I’m talking old school, hole in the ground, drop your drawers, and take care of business without taking a seat. It sounds uncivilized, and maybe it is. But what if it was good for you? What if it was fun? What if you could get away with it, and still preserve a modicum of 21st century decency?

A couple of months ago, this topic would have been a non issue. Most people don’t have the opportunity to poop in a hole in the ground on a regular basis. Well that all changed when I saw what looked like a curvy step stool surrounding the base of our toilet on a warm summer day in July.

It’s called the Squatty Potty, and the idea is simple. You prop your feet up on the thing while handling business, and it simulates squatting over a hole in the ground.

Kinda cool, and pooping is a lot more fun. In fact, I sort of have to poop as I type this post, and I’m looking forward to hopping up on the Squatty Potty for a fresh take on an old favorite.


Squatting while pooping is supposed to be better for you since it frees up your lower GI tract so everything gets to where it needs to be. Sitting pinches everything off in the wrong place, and makes the whole dang thing more work than it needs to be. A 2003 study by an Israeli doctor found that, among the 28 participants, squatting while pooping was both quicker and more comfortable when compared to perching on the traditional pedestal.

Even though they were using “digital timers,” (for some reason that cracked me up) it’s only 28 people, and there are a host of other variables that determine how quick and easy it is to evacuate the bowels. Some researchers call the poop-squatting science “ambiguous“, and there are always the worries that squatting is a social taboo in Western society that we’ll never overcome.

That said, I believe Squatty Potty opens the lines of communication between butt and bowl, and if you believe the founder of Squatty Potty and his satisfied customers, this alleviates some of problems that come from too much straining. It just might be a legit weapon in the battle against hemorrhoids and constipation. The best part is you can still post up and get some reading done!

Our family is drifting further from the normal, wholesome American experience, but Allison swears we will all have healthier colons.

You Know You Want to Try It

The Squatty Pottyis relatively cheap and you can order one online in anonymity. Minimal risk, plenty of fun. When entertaining guests, you can share the love, or just tell them it’s a step stool.

*One word of necessary warning, and forgive my familiarity: You have to rethink your pant situation while using this thing. It’s kind of hard to squat down with a rubber band around your ankles, and it’s hard to use the Squatty Potty with your skinny jeans bunched around your feet.

Allison’s Take: Wow…did we just blog about this?


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