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DIY Fitness Gear: How to Make a Sandbag

Training with a sandbag sounds sketchy, but it is a ridiculously effective way to develop strength, cardiovascular conditioning, balance, and coordination. And it is dirt cheap to make one on your own. Lots of gyms promoting “functional movement” incorporate sandbag training into their workouts, and they use beautifully colored bags with tidy pouches for varied weight and resistance. You can get one on Amazon for about 70 bucks.

At the end of the day though, we’re talking about dirt in a bag. Here’s how I made one myself for about six bucks.

What I Used:


  • Bag of salt from Home Depot
  • Old duffle bag (for the shell)
  • Duct tape and scraps of cloth and a cloth bag (for the filler bags to vary weight). Just get scrappy and use whatever is lying around.

If you’ve never used a sandbag for exercise purposes, this will seem primitive, beastly, and ridiculous. I truly believe this simple tool is better than half the junk in a conventional gym. I’ll demonstrate a few workouts in a future post. Give it a shot before you judge. :)

Allison’s Take On It:

Don’t you just love how we’re running such a high tech blog?


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