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2014 Spartan Race Giveaway! How Do YOU Stay Motivated?


We’re Giving Away a Free 2014 Spartan Race Entry

Back in 2013, we were contacted by a representative from Spartan Race and offered the chance to give away a free race to one of our readers. We have the free race code, and we’re giving it to someone who reads this blog.


All you need to do is:

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling us:
  • Why you want to run a Spartan Race.
  • What is motivating you to get/stay healthy.

That’s it! (creative, wacky, inspiring,  and otherwise extraordinary responses are best, in my opinion)

Minor Details

  • You have until Friday, 1/11/14 to leave a comment.

  • Allison and I will argue about which comment gets the free race code, and we will eventually agree on a winner.
  • We will announce the winner in a post the following week, and we’ll notify you by email with the code.
  • The race code is good for any open heat in the 2014 season, continental US only.
  • No crying about who gets picked. If it were up to me, I would pick myself. Luckily, Allison is here to keep things ethical.

Good luck, and have an incredible 2014.


15 Responses to “2014 Spartan Race Giveaway! How Do YOU Stay Motivated?”

  1. Holly

    OK….Why do I want to do the Spartan race? Will it be challenging? That’s a definite yes! Will it cause me to start working out regularly? Another yes! Will it be fun?? Surprisingly yes!! I am not much of an athlete, but I do try to stay active. Over my adult life I have fluctuated in my weight by about 25 pounds. Right now I’m at the high end of my weight. So, training for this race would help me lose some weight. Plus, I feel better emotionally and physically when I am active and working toward a goal. By nature, I’m not a very competitive person. All five of my kids are very competitive in their own way. I’ve always told them they get that from their Dad-not their Mama! Back in 2007 I completed my first competitive physical activity – a team 10k mudrun with 4 of my kids! It was more fun than I could have ever imagined!! My kids pushed me to do my best and told me that we definitely couldn’t place in the bottom third. That little push lit a flicker of competitive fire in me. Since then I’ve completed a couple of 5k events. That adds up to 3 competitions in the past 7 years :(. Not very impressive. At the age of 53 I think it’s time for me to get serious about being consistent with my fitness goals. Winning this entry to the Spartan race would be an awesome way to start!

  2. I'mAllBooked

    Okay, just getting in on this at the last minute. A Spartan Race is something I never would’ve considered doing…5 or even 20 years ago. Over the last several years I’ve been motivated to challenge myself to be more physically fit and to find ways that work for me to do so. After losing about 35 pounds about 4 years ago, I am determined to never go back to that place, so I’ve made exercise a regular part of my lifestyle. At age 51, I believe (and my husband agrees) that I’m in better physical condition now than I was at 30. I’ve never really been a runner, and have never really been interested in doing a regular marathon-style run – Boring. But I do like the idea of an obstacle course challenge — the climbing, jumping, crawling, mud and water — Love It! And I’d like to prove to myself that I could do this. I think it would also set an example to people my age that it’s never too late to get physically fit – and that it can actually be fun! And I hope I can find a few friends to do it with!

  3. Jennifer

    A Spartan Race changes my life because it challenges me and makes me sore, which is good for the body! I love being outdoors and being active.

  4. Toby Russ

    Why do I want to run the Spartan race? The answer lies within the “warriors creed” of overcoming adversity, conquering the obstacles of fear, and achieving your goals. The difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is to which a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse. My life has always been defined by the obstacles I’ve overcome. Overcoming adversity in the face of fear, pain, and uncertainty. The courage to see through the fear of failure, as the adrenalin races through your blood, the pain of the lactic acids pooling into your muscles, as the lungs gasp for oxygen, while the distance to the finish line is uncertain. My LOVE of defining new fitness goals and overcoming the feats of the body is my motivation. The obstacles of my goals always become the gateways to my new beginnings. A man once said “A warrior does not give up what he loves, he finds the love in what he does”. I AM THE SPARTAN WARRIOR AND VICTORY WILL BE MINE!

  5. Dustin Larmeir

    Why do I want to run a Spartan Race?: It would be another accomplishment in a series of accomplishments I have worked hard for over the last several months. The reason I plan on completing one is to prove that you can take a broken and unhealthy body, transform it through a clean diet and exercise, and push it beyond what doubters believe is possible with hard work. Not only that I would dedicate my race to all of the people who have inspired and supported me throughout my healthy lifestyle change I would also dedicate it to all of those out there who struggle with their health every day. If my completion of a Spartan race would inspire just one individual to go and pursue a healthier lifestyle then every single bit of blood, sweat, and tears on that course would be worth it.

    What is motivating me to get/stay healthy?: I was blessed with life and a second chance. When I was 14 I almost died from a medical issue and I was spared. In retrospect I believe that I am obligated to live my life to the fullest and in order to do that I have to be healthy. My motivators are numerous but examples are being alive to see my children grow up, avoiding major health issues as I age, and being more energetic. I hit rock bottom with my health in the past and I owe it to my family, my friends, and my God to make things right and stay the course. Building my mind, body, and spirit into a well oiled machine is my aim, and this would be a win that would bolster that development.

    • richieatnaturallymydear

      Thanks Dustin! I just read your transformation post, and talk about an extraordinary achievement! I think a lot of people will find it motivating and inspiring. Look for the post on Monday!

  6. Concordian 925 (@concordian925)

    I want to do one of these races because they look like so much fun, mixed with so pain. I want to earn some battle scars. I want to show the scrapes and bruises and rope burns off to my friends and family. No one in my life thinks I could ever complete one of these. I’d like to prove them all wrong and be able to have that medal looped around my neck. Making them eat crow is my motivation.

  7. Seth

    I want to run a Spartan because my wife and I love races and challenging each other.

    After watching the World Championship, a moment that inspired me was the 100-yard barbed wire field. Watching the elite participants roll under the dangerous barbed wire – some having to stop and collect themselves – was humbling, and even more so from the comfort of my couch. I had once tackled a small barbed wire obstacle in a race last year, and I remember the struggle. I can’t fathom what 100 yards would be like, but I aim to one day try it.

  8. candies & crunches

    Awwwww…. I was ready to write my life story and then I saw that this giveaway is for continental US only :( It’s okay, even though the Spartan Race doesn’t seem to do any of their promotions for Canada, I’m still hoping to get my Spartan Trifecta this year! Aroo! :D


    PS. I was never much of a runner. But then my husband participated in Super Spartan last summer and my life was changed forever. I got so inspired and motivated by seeing people of different ages and shapes pushing their limits that I started running the very next day. And guess what, I’m hooked! I thought I’d let you know, nevertheless. You never know who might get motivated just by reading this :)

    • richieatnaturallymydear

      Thanks Olena! Well, the code is good for races in the continental US, but no reason you can’t win it! I recently saw an Instagram post from a guy who bought a Spartan season pass so he can travel the country and run races.:) Good luck on the trifecta!

  9. Nicole

    I want to run a Spartan Race because my husband does one every year, and this year I want to do it with him.

    My motivation to stay healthy? Every Friday I take an autistic boy to the local Y to teach him to swim. Having to wear that bathing suit in front of people is motivation enough!

  10. Kishna Woo-Hare

    I stumbled upon a commercial for the Spartan Race World Championships back in December. I was out of town when it aired but recorded it on my dvr. I have since watched it at least a dozen times. You’d think every time I watch it that it would get a little less daunting. But alas, no, that isn’t the case. It frightens me to no extent. Still. And that is exactly why I want to do one of these. I want to prove to myself that I can do something of this magnitude. It would be the hardest physical thing I will have ever attempted to do in my short 35 years. The most memorable person from the Championship race was Danny Rodriguez. It took him 16 hours to finish but he did it and did it with a smile!
    What motivates me to be healthy is the fact that I want to live a long life with my husband and our cats. I’m constantly told that I am an inspiration and that my fitness posts on FB/twitter/IG motivate people to get up and get moving! I like being an inspiration to my friends in real life and on social media. It keeps me going. Such is the fitfluential cycle!

    • richieatnaturallymydear

      Right on! Getting pumped to run one this year just reading this. :)


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