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The Slippery Slope That Leads To Crunchytown

The other day Richie posted this status to his personal Facebook page:

Overheard in my own house:

“Where is your moisturizer?”

“Oh I use coconut oil. It’s in the pantry.”

Where am I?

Once in a while we kind of look around our home or stop to think about something we regularly do and IT HITS US. We are getting WAY out there. Things we’d laugh at if Marty McFly told our younger selves we’d be up to in the future no longer get a second thought.

One day Richie tells me about foam rollers, maybe a few months later he buys one. I humor him for another few weeks as he dutifully rolls around on it each night making awkward “pain faces” (as Kelly Starrett calls them). I mean at first I could hardly take him seriously. Having a conversation with him while he was using that thing was at best distracting and at worst grounds for unbridled teasing from me. And as you can probably predict, I’m now completely sold and hunt it down regularly to use myself. Our kids even know how to use it.

Looking back it can be really hard to pin down when exactly we crossed the “normal” threshold.

One major turning point was definitely cloth diapers. I NEVER. EVER. in a million years thought I’d use a cloth diaper. That was until one day my first-born was getting the most wicked rashes that appeared as if the top layer of his bum has been burned off. I tried different creams, different diapers and some things helped a little. After a little trial and error and time to observe, the only conclusion that I could make with authority was that his urine seemed to be toxic to his own skin. (Not a comforting verdict for a parent to make.) Anytime his diaper was wet for more than 10 minutes the rash would flare up again. So finally I started researching alternatives to disposable diapers.

At first I wasn’t quite ready to dive in and meekly dipped my toes in the cloth diaper “pool” with some hybrids (g diapers) which used a flushable, non-toxic insert, a water-resistant liner and a cloth cover. Miraculously, these made his rash completely disappear. My verdict… his urine wasn’t toxic after all. Perhaps his skin could finally breathe or it was something in the disposables his skin did not like. It wasn’t until later that I read about how most diapers have a very dangerous mix of chemicals in them in order to boost absorbency. One chemical being the very same which was removed from tampons and linked to toxic shock syndrome. (More about that here.)

Although the hybrids were nice for the cloth diaper phobic they were twice the cost of disposables and a ton of work to clean. One day I told Richie that we might as well use cloth diapers because we were already doing so much to care for the covers and to make sure the insert was properly broken up so that it didn’t clog our toilet. At that point rinsing and washing the whole diaper seemed easier.

EASIER people.

And surprisingly, he agreed.

BAM. We were on the slide.

The Slippery Slope To Crunchytown | NaturallyMyDear.com diapers

That was 6 years ago dear reader. We have come a long way.

I thought it might be kind of amusing to list some of the things we do differently now and to explain why we do or don’t do each thing. At the very least it may be entertaining, it may also be grounds unbridled teasing, but I’m hoping it will be educational as well.

I promise that each thing will have the added bonus of either being good for your health and/or saving you money. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll join us in Crunchytown.

So I’m christening this a regular series (had to keep the water theme going) and calling it “Slippery Slope To Crunchytown” or #SSCTC… just kidding.

Here’s how it’s shaping up so far…

1. My Chemical Breakup: How we ditched toxic cleaning products and what we use now

2. BYOP: Why you’ll need to bring your own plastic sippy cup for a playdate at our house

3. From Big Pharma to Home Apothecary: Exploring alternative treatments to everyday ailments

4. Fortifying Our Bodies And, Lord Willing, Protecting My Kids’ Future Health

5. Did You Want A Side Of Toxins With That Meal? : Sniffing out hidden sources of toxins in and around our food

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