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What Does “Natural” Really Mean Anyway?

“If they have to put the word ‘natural’ on a box to convince you, it probably isn’t.”

Eric Schlosser, Fast Food Nation

In the past Richie has joked that he should go to our local health food store and photograph all the products/ pre-packaged foods claiming to be “natural” for a good laugh. I’ve also found myself wondering how so many pseudo-foods could be labeled “natural” while shopping. It seems a lot of consumers are concerned about this misleading term.

Although Prop 37 failed, in August of 2013 consumers were successful in filing a class action lawsuit against Naked Juice, owned by Pepsi Co., due to the term “natural” being used on all of their products despite claims that some had genetically altered soy. Pepsi Co. settled for $9 Million.

Now there is a campaign called “Only Organic” supported by a handful of organic food companies who specialize in organic pre-packaged and processed (with the exception of Earthbound Farms, which sells whole foods minimally processed) such as Late July, Happy Family, and Organic Valley. They have produced a couple of humorous ads and a website in order to educate consumers about how misleading the term natural can be and why.

Here’s one of the ads:

Anyone else scratched their heads at the “natural” term being used on packaging? What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve seen it on? Maybe you were duped and then read the ingredients only to find out that it was not natural? What do you think of the ads? Please share!


What's your take on it?

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