We're Different– Together.


Are you two, like, hippie, tree-huggers or something?

Well… the short answer is no. While we definitely lean more towards crunchy (Allison specifically) we lead pretty mainstream lives by all outward appearances. We’re condo-dwelling, car-owning suburbanites, but it wouldn’t be uncommon to see us riding about town on bikes or hear us debating the necessity of buying organic vs. non-organic veggies while grocery shopping. We often chose natural options because they are cheaper, healthier for us and cause us less work in the long run but it’s always nice to feel like we’re a part of the “green” movement (but perhaps that’s because we’ve been indoctrinated by school-wide celebrations of Earth Day since the second grade).

Do you write paid reviews?

Absolutely not! We tend to review goods/services we have paid for out of our own pocket. Occasionally we may be given free goods and asked to review them. We only accept those requests with the caveat that we’ll be 100% (which sometimes means brutally) honest in our review. And we’ll only review goods/services we’d actually use and think our readers might be interested in.

Do you utilize affiliate marketing?

We do. While our ultimate goal is to educate, encourage and entertain, we think it is fair for us to be paid small amounts for traffic driven from our site to another. We will always disclose our links (it’s the law!) and you can choose to Google the good/service to bypass these links if you feel uncomfortable using them. We will never know :)



What's your take on it?

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